Shooting Match Ltd.

Nicholas Prosser

Shooting Match Ltd:-

  • Represents the freelance interests of Producer/Director Nicholas Prosser
  • Produces short drama films – in post production DELIVER & FREE AGAIN.
  • Produces short drama film screenplays, workshop scenes, performance soliloquies & a short play for training and educaiton use by universities, colleges & schools in A COLLECTION OF DRAMA.
  • Produces a collection of verses called THROUGH MY LENS                                                                    In development – a second collection of verse calle MY WINDOW ON THE WORLD.
  • Originates & develops fiction & factual projects for television and film
  • Accepts invitations to provide TALKS by Nicholas Prosser : –                                                                  Director / Producer / Writer / Lecturer, Mentor & Trainer

Nicholas is an experienced screen director with more than 400 credits in broadcast television period and contemporary drama series, shooting on super 16mm film and video, using both single and multi-camera techniques, on location and in studio. He has additional director credits in television broadcast factual programmes as well as the corporate video sector. Independently produced with his company, he has written and directed two short drama films called DELIVERY and FREE AGAIN. In addition he has written more short drama film screenplays, workshop scenes, performance soliloquies and a short play. Published through Amazon UK. is his first Collection Of Verse called THROUGH MY LENS.