Harbour Television

An Idea by Nicholas Prosser for a Local Television Service called : –


There is no better education for media students than a “hands on” experience. The University of Chichester is constructing a new media and digital centre at their Bognor Regis campus. In collaboration with the university, this is a proposal to create a local community television service based in Chichester / Bognor Regis for the coastal area from Portsmouth in the West to Worthing in the East and as far as the A272 road in the North. This channel or website, available either on air via an OFCOM licence or on the web via Internet, could supply viewers with a wide range of programme content – local news and current affairs, documentaries, programmes about the arts, business, local services, the environment, schools and training centres, hobbies and pastimes, sport etc., entertainment reflecting local talent, discussion or talks programmes, short drama films and maybe even a soap opera, etc.

This idea breaks new ground in broadcasting and media education by opening doors for students to become programme makers as performers, presenters, reporters, writers, producers, directors,  actors, researchers, editors, production personnel, operators, technicians etc.

Academia offers skilled manpower, equipment and facilities to make possible a low budget television channel for the local community.  Low budget programme costs would be financially supported by cheap advertising and sponsorship in strong competition with local newspapers and radio channels.

In addition, I propose a collaboration with experienced media professionals to offer their services to monitor, advise and maybe even edit the output.

To discuss, please contact : – Nicholas Prosser