It’s over. You must leave. She asked where will you go?

I’ll live in London I replied, though shocked, abandoned and feeling rather low.

She doubted if I would, but I was determined to try

My birthplace and roots near there, this was my reason why.

From Chiswick in the west to Limehouse in the east, my search was wide but short.

Alone again, independent, now to remember all that I’d been taught.

When I walked through that front door, I knew instantly this must be it,

High ceilings, bay windows, old fashioned fireplace, for me it was a hit.

At last I was in tube land with bus stops down the hill,

I‘d now a property to leave my children when I wrote my will.

With  postage stamp  front garden, on which grew that invasive Ailanthus tree.

My partner and friends shared this home. Now sold, this is farewell to my 26B.