Relieved and refreshed, it drinks the moisture from a heavy shower of long awaited rain.
Even more vivid now than before in the colour that provides its name,
Once a temporary home for those waiting to fight a war that did not come,
Now a haven for wildlife as the hooting owl waits for the setting sun.
In this oasis of an urban jungle, surrounded by bricks and mortar,
The source of life and nature’s roadway, its unrelenting stream provides a constant flow of water.
Where loved ones hold hands, the sound of children’s laughter sometimes found,
Sycamore, oak and tall conifer tower tall above the open playground.
The seasons illustrated by crocuses, daffodils and bluebells in the spring,
Give promise to the warm days to follow that summer will bring,
Trees bared of their brown leaves in those cool autumn days,
A squirrel gathers its winter larder for the cold relentless phase.
To walk from street to road, both with village name, many tread the dry convenient path,
Whilst dog owners chat, their unobserved wards enjoy their roll in a thick mud bath.
The nearby neighbour boasts a pond, the home of ducks so proud,
Whilst the early morning chorus competes with the deafening traffic, now so loud.
For the pensioner who sits on a park bench, a pause to remember what has been,
A place of peace, time to reflect and absorb all the joys of Aldwick Green.