ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END (A reflection from a grumpy old man)

All I wear is purchased here, the sizes fit, no change to drop or raise the hem.
Socks, underwear, trousers, shirts, pullovers, jackets, suits and coats, yes all of them,
Carefully selected, imaginatively presented, reasonably priced, theirs is not just food.
They contribute to furnish and dress my home, items for every room and mood.
All through our lives they were there, up and down the land, in every parliamentary seat,
With Boots and W.H. Smiths, the pillars of the British high street.
But powerful fashion gods have turned the screw with as much power as a dictatorship censor.
Time now to prepare for the end. Where will we go with the departure of Marks and Spenser.