Was it here, that it started, my fascination for that continent and many a wild creature?

Captivated by a film at the local Odeon, I was young. It was just the second feature.

“Serengeti shall not die” the title”, the first of many a wildlife film I couldn’t miss.

Zoo Time, Zoo Quest, The World About Us, these TV programmes for me were total bliss.

But in the year of 79, alone at last, it was time to grasp the nettle.

Many thought me mad that I’d lost it, that I hadn’t got the metal.

To smell its air, hear those sounds and see those sights, I wanted this for myself.

I was still young. Now was the time to go, before I was left sitting on that shelf.

In Time Out, to join me for a photographic safari, I placed the invitation.

An Australian and a British nurse replied, both wanted to go, no hesitation.

Was this too good to be true, was I going at last, was I the cat who’d got the cream

With two complete strangers, I went to Africa for a month to fulfil my life long dream.