Its swirling carpet snakes effortlessly down its course.
Flat and powerful, Singular and self propelled,
Its surface glistens in horizontal dimension, one direction source to mouth.
Shimmering, reflective mirror, bright yet dark, shadowed yet shining
A new and secret world hidden beneath in its concealed depths
Silent yet loud, still but fast, peaceful, colourful, alive
Plants and fish, amphibians and reptiles, birds and mammals.
All there amongst the hollows in a subterranean globe of rocks, stones, pebbles, sand and mud
Up, down, round and through, flat, steep, sloping, rough and smooth,
Restricted to its course, a relentless flow of waves,
Ebbing, surging, lapping, rippling towards the tidal mouth, unwavering and determined in its mission.
Constant but ever changing, calm and rough, choppy and dangerous, executioner with a sentence of death
A creation of life and source of mineral wealth, both rich in habitat and a key source of food.
In all seasons, warm or cold, swelling from rain, shrinking through draught,
Consistent but unreliable, an artery for travel, old father, always there, ours. Beautiful River.