Departure scheduled for 22.00 hours this flight was just one hop,

With cheap and cheerful Kenyan Airways, booked from a London bucket shop.

Updated on jabs, fainted as usual, who told me it wouldn’t hurt?

I travelled with her and he was to follow in hot pursuit via Frankfurt.

Delayed at Heathrow till the early hours, we took off at last with spirits sky high.


The plan for this night flight was to get some sleep, well at least we could try.

My eyes opened to Africa’s dawn, all fellow passengers still asleep,

I rose from my seat and walked to a window just to sneak my very first peep.

Before me was the most amazing sight that I shall never forget.

As far as my eye could see, the sands of Sahara stretched till land and sky met.


As seat belts were fastened, from the cockpit came the voice of the captain,

To proudly announce on our left, it was snow clad, Kenya ’s namesake, their highest mountain.

Reunited in Nairobi, we planned in detail for our trip to the wild,

Stocked up on provisions, sampled cuisine, some fiery some mild,

Hired our key essential a gleaming white two wheel drive Alpha Sud car.

In this we launched our expedition, to travel to parks and coast, both wide and far.