They came from the Rift, from the plains of East Africa,

Crossed the straits of Hormuz on their trek through Arabia.

They painted, made tools, they foraged and hunted for food,

Past Turkey they journeyed to the Bosporus, up the River Danube,

Up mountain, down valley, across ravine, through thick forest,

There fought mammoth, wolf and bear, with Neanderthal quite a contest,

Explored, sought hidden treasure, to settle in pastures new.

To make camp on a plain, by a beach with a sea sometimes blue.

Clothed in thick furs, man survived at the fringe of the Ice Age.

Hunter gatherer to farmer, he had turned that ever so important page.

With large brains, warm fires, deadly weapons, seemed little to fear.

Man tamed his fellow species, the dog and the horse, even the reindeer,

Created culture, their language and literature in which they are so fond.

They built villages, then towns and those sprawling cities beyond.

But now they look back to see those following on from their source

They forget where they came from to control their borders by force.