Jo’burg workers from Soweto no longer show their pass, oh happy morn!

The salmon’s takes its giant leap up the weir to river source to spawn.

The sea bird cleansed of oil, spreads its wings released for flight.

Will we see an Ulster with no division of religion? We just might.

For the Berliner to travel west where once there was that wall.

Did ours come from victory, from defeated enemies or debates in Westminster Hall?

In Dickie’s Ghandi, his hero preached peace to friend and foe.

He cried it too in his apartheid film, the story of Woods and Biko.

Desperate Koreans swim the Imjin River, to grasp it in the South.

Where press and broadcast restrict it, this only leaves word of mouth.

Through the bars the prisoner smells its distant scent and waits,

The zoo animal who’s never known it, devours its feed then mates.

To keep theirs, Romans built their Hadrian’s wall, the Normans their castles and forts.

As EU members, we passed unimpeded through frontiers, no check on our passports.

Treaties in its name protect all wildlife, flora too, every shrub and tree

But when we Brexit and leave our partners to control our borders, will we still be free?