I AM 70

Today, together we meet to remember, so many good times before those fond memories fade.

To celebrate with you my family my friends at the start of this, my 7th decade.

My first ten years, I grew, I swam, played games and recited my 12 times table.

In my teens, I learnt about life, the value of money and made sense of so many a complicated fable. 

By my twenties I’d a job in tele, my first relationship, a house, even a staff promotion.

Married and a father in my thirties, then launching as freelance, none of this so far caused much commotion.

In my fifth decade, a period drama, working on film, car chases and shooting scenes with guns. 

Yet nothing compares with the tragedy when I was told to say goodbye to my sons.  

Separation was painful, I missed them and learnt that divorce causes disappointment and resentment. 

Then on the approach to my half century, I met Mary, the light and love of my life. At last bliss, here began a future of contentment.  

Now at the 7th  0, with a 3 years driving licence, my health, a bought to rent house and my A3 Audi,   

I say hello to semi-retirement, that old age bliss. Oh, before the flight to Chicago, I must rehearse how to say Howdi. 

So thank you all so much for coming to this my party a delicious and scrumptious lunch,

And I’ll make an optimistic prediction that we’ll meet again soon, anyway, that’s my hunch.