Flocks gather for take off for southern migration, “goodbye little bird”.

Men in whites leave village greens, sound of leather on willow no longer to be heard.

The ping of one ball on racquet makes way for a heavy boot on another.

Growing Cubs now exploring afar, by now weaned by their mother.

Sand castles abandoned to the waves, promenades and piers vacated,

Stag fights with rivals in prelude to bonding with does to be mated.

The grass is allowed to grow after the departing summer fete.

The roundabouts in the children’s funfair no longer rotate.

Last hamburgers consumed as the embers of the barbecue fade,

Orders of logs to fuel the wood burning stove now being made.

Traffic jams on August bank holiday give way to the school run rush

Whilst vivid colours of summer vegetation fade, no longer so lush

Farewell to the harvest of plenty with summer blooms so abundant,

To welcome this autumn, preparations for hibernation soon redundant.