Born in consecutive years, we share our age, separation only 11 months apart. 
You don’t know me, we’ve never met but we were once so close and that’s a start.
Your life’s had plenty of it, whereas mine, just an occasional taste of adventure,
You and me, both fans of the natural world with similar tastes I believe in comedy and culture.
You were married just after me and each of our sons were born at similar dates,
Both of us shared the anguish of divorce, quite a lot in common, perhaps enough to make us mates.
Many are critical, who sneer at your achievements and loudly cry that repetitive and constant moan,
But I have always been your fan, sympathising with your situation, including that of being heir to the throne.
So, on this special day, you would be welcome, if I am cast as host,
To wish your Royal Highness happy birthday, I declare a celebration toast.