At night, all alone, solitary, are you the only human left on earth?

No grin, no smile no laughter now, when airwaves no longer offer myrth.

There may be many in each city, town or village where you are,

But, like a desert, a virgin forest, a mountain top, we are like strangers in a bar.

All very well the neighbourhood, the community, society and those interest groups.

Where are those friends, that promised camaraderie, or is that just for troops?

Lions have prides, the wolves their packs, the herbivores graze in herds

Chimps hunt together and there’s safety in numbers for so many flocks of Birds

The classroom gone, the working team disbanded, partnership all too brief.

So who’s our tribe, the village elder, the one respected local chief

Reality sets in, there’s no one there, the silence says it all.

So many ways to communicate but no one makes that call.

With family gone or distant, who is thinking of you now?

Whatever the truth, lift your spirits, remember those you love, imagination will allow.