Below its high protective cliffs lies that soft carpet of expansive sand in an inviting shade of light brown,
Distant from those busy towns and cities, perched upon a hill is this Welsh seaside town.
Time here stands still, tradition rules where old values have never changed,
Has a designer had an input with town beach and harbour, all so beautifully arranged?
In this tucked away oasis, the artist’s palette of subtle colours, such a harmony of scale,
Visitors flock from far away, from Welsh valleys, Scottish mountains and many a Yorkshire Dale.
Summer trips to an offshore island where monks welcome boat passengers ashore.
Out of season, fishermen’s vessels anchored in harbour, whilst those stormy winds emit that howling roar.
This sheltered beach with bustling town above will never lose its charm, have no fear.
Tourists and day trippers swell the crowd and holiday makers return year after year.
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