Postpone those homeland trips to Cornwall and the Isle of Wight.

Foreign locations now, select accommodation and book the flight.

Buy and read the guide book and swat up on all the facts,

Exchange the currency, prepare a budget, don’t forget airport tax,

Pack the camera or the video, remember the holiday of Mr. Bean.

So little time left before that dreaded deadline of March 2019.

Return to Paris, Berlin and Rome, new venues of Prague and Budapest.

Prioritise now on the European Union, on cities from East to West,

To see that wide variety of places where we can still just call home.

Such little time left for that freedom for all of us Brits to roam,

It won’t matter soon where you come from, be it Scunthorpe or Harrow.

The shutters will soon come down, the Dover Straits no longer so narrow,

As costs and paperwork multiply and queues at airports lengthen,

Frustration and anger build as the voices of authority strengthen.

Brexiteers who opposed immigration appointed our prison warders,

In their catastrophic and continuing cry of “we must control our borders”.