The Boat Race has been rowed, the Grand National at Aintree run.

Soon those Marathon feet touch on London Roads in rain or sun,

Coats, scarfs, thick jumpers, long sleeves shirts to wardrobes for another day.

Cubs from badger sets and fox earths emerge to smell the air and play.

Turn the calendar page from March winds to April showers.

Buds emerge to create a tapestry display of colourful flowers.

Trees prepare to dress themselves in blossom cherry and white.

The sun emerges at an early hour to shine its warm rays, so bright.

Central heating off, wood fires extinguished, Spring cleaning under way,

Hibernation over, August holidays booked, day excursions planned for May,

Rise early before the first train and that distant traffic roar,

When kestrel, falcon and hawk far above our chimneys soar. 

Catch a glimpse of fallow deer grazing before they take their cover.

The hedgehog through the gardens home bound, how long before we see another.

But as owl hoots fade to give brief peace before the dawn, 

A symphony of birdsong erupts in celebratory chorus on this Spring morn.