Decisions on where you’ll be and with whom required, long before the winter clock.

Before autumn leaves fall, supermarket shelves were cleared for seasonal stock.

Write the lists, rack your brains for inspiration to ask that annual question “what present for you?” 

Number of cards counted for relations, friends, colleagues, neighbours and the tradesmen too?

Decorations and lights to find or buy, a clear space for cards, should the tree be false or real?

Does it matter, of course it does, don’t dare make that decision, based on what you feel. 

How to deliver, safe by post, order by Amazon or just old fashioned I’ll come and bring.

For those forgotten, don’t worry my mother said, just buy some little thing,

Fast approach the Eve and Day, sing your carol, order now to hit strict deadlines set,

Crawl through traffic jams, enjoy the crush, to strangers greet “hail fellow, well met”.   

Rush to catch the train, board the boat or plane, escape to Eilat or Italian Firenze.

It’ll soon be here, goodwill to all, peace to mankind, all at the end of this fraught and annual frenzy.