I am often asked about those “glamour” days I spent in TV studios, large and small.

How does it feel, what is it like , are you on cloud nine and walking tall?

Is it the team and crew or those appearing that take the whole experience to unimaginable heights?

Is it the millions watching, is it the Dalek type cameras, suspended microphones from booms or just the ambiance from the lights? 

But the exciting feeling I really had was quite special, like no other.

No one could prepare me for it, not even my father or my mother.

I’d felt it before on the boards in the wings or on that stage,

When performing or managing tasks that deserved a much larger wage.

It is a kind of fear that the Olympian must feel on the high board before that dive

Adrenalin fills the veins, the red light shines, we are on air, this is it and yes it’s live.