For those abroad, whose sights were on this castle, now change your plan.

Those within the walls pack your bags, prepare to leave whist you still can.

Doubled the guard at the entrance gate, all visitors screened, no strangers allowed.

To those who bond with our international friends, no longer allowed to be proud.   

Imports to be stopped, only when the larder’s empty will we see their mouths gape, amazed. 

Just in case, stock up the stores, no one knows when that drawbridge will be raised.

Dash under that portcullis before it drops, for one more embrace with foreign friends of whom we were so fond.

Soon no future here, no return home journey, just the world beyond. 

The choice is grim, deny you voted remain to those leavers now gathered in the keep,

Or climb the castle walls to the ramparts to take that chance, have faith and  leap.

Falling, falling, a long way down to ground, but soft this landing in the welcoming moat.

You’ve found your way home to this fertile river of true democracy via the People’s Vote.