All Aboard All Aboard this return red tour bus, from Europe only one way.

Don’t listen to Number 10’s D.C. they’ll be an exit there, will she jump from that fence? I think she May.

Ignore them all, The City of London, Bank of England, entrepreneurs, academics and C.B.1.

Asia’s in our sights now, no trade rules, just business, an eye for an eye,

Eating Dog and American chickens, time to wave goodbye to all those human rights.

Did we ever quite imagine we could rise to such exotic Heights?

Soon Boris, Andrea Liam, Dave, Chris, Michael, Priti and all the rest will take the mike to guide us to our destination.

£350 million a week for the NHS, no the pound won’t fall, what is all this talk of devastation?   

She’ll hold his hand and he’ll come to visit whilst we watch him hole in one.

British jobs for British workers, who said that? do you know this could be rather fun. 

Who needs a customs union, free European trade, no border on the Emerald isle?

No real hardship in long queues at passport control, don’t complain, only single file.

Yes, they put their cross in that box called Brexit, a majority of just 52 %.

But did they realise what would happen when they did it and down the long road, what it all meant?