Though we must control them, between the Irish Republic and the U.K. there must be no border.

No checks or watchtowers allowed, no barriers, no patrols, not even a security warder,               

To end the peace and return to violence, avoid a civil war, trigger the alarms, Mayday Mayday      

All concur there must be no risk, to break the agreement signed on that Good Friday.           

This is ensured by both states joined together in a customs union indivisible, just one and singular.                                                                                 

Now to have their cargo or goods monitored would be absurd, they’d consider this most peculiar. 

So, with freedom of movement, how to divide in this sensitive and frictionless place?        

With no restriction, a field you can cross a road you can drive, a path you can walk without trace.

To this problem no politician, no civil servant no one at all has an answer.

Don’t pretend anymore to solve this riddle with meaningless words, give up, change course or just become a dancer.