Through their doors they emerge, close neighbours offer to help, to celebrate your day.

Open blue bags to reveal gazebo, numbered poles and plastic holders, on the grass they lay.

Slowly erected the open marquee now fastened with tent pegs hammered firmly to ground.

Furnished now, all shapes and sizes of chair and table have miraculously been found.

The scene is set for this August day, to remember, to meet, to talk, to eat to drink, to enjoy.

No cloud in the sky, no wind and the sun warm where all ages gather, old, young, both girl and boy.

Arguments are forgotten, differences set aside whilst they make amends.

A tree grows in your memory, sun hats removed to toast for absent friends.

News and opinions exchanged, intentions expressed, pledges to water neighbours’ flower beds when the ground hardens.

More wine, strawberries, fish and chips, all to honour your day in Stanmore Gardens.