Short Drama Films

Nicholas Prosser has written screenplay for 4 very different Short Films.

To direct these films, Nicholas seeks a collaboration from a producer, university, media students or whoever can assist to acquire the necessary funds to take these low budget films into production, to work with Nicholas through the phases of preparation, production and post production and in the marketing of the completed product for festival exhibition, web transmission, broadcast commission etc.

By request, a full package / treatment on each of these films is available with Log Line, Summary & Synopsis, Character, Location & Design Requirements List, Draft Schedule, Detailed Shoot Plan and Budget Analysis.

(N.B. Nicholas has also written, directed and produced and a short film called DELIVERY, yet to be edited. This was performed and crewed by the pupils of The Regis School in Bognor Regis.)


DURATION : 15 – 20 Minutes.

The story of a young boy’s journey. Seen through the eyes of a nine year old, this is the story of an African boy arriving for the first time in the U.K.  Both his fond memories of his friends and his home village life plus the terror of his narrow escape with his family from the tyranny of civil war are both still vivid in his mind. With little dialogue, the film observes his first impressions, his contrasting memories and his response to a new and very different land.


DURATION : 15 – 20 Minutes.

The story of a bond between father and daughter.  When emergency strikes, we explore a father’s emotional instincts towards his daughter.  In two separate time periods, on a visit to an offshore island, we observe the father’s despair and guilt when faced with an emergency. But which visit to this off shore island is real and which is in Sean’s imagination?


DURATION: 5 Minutes.

A Story of Mystery & Suspense. This film is about observation, residential territory & human boundaries.


DURATION  : 8 Minutes.

About Behaviour Perception This is the story about the illusion of appearance, signals of communication and attitudes to and from authority. This film demonstrates how surface appearances should not be relied upon by those responsible for justice and security.